Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trip to MN: The Second Leg

The whole reason for the trip to MN was to clean out Grandma's house and sort through things. Thus there was a lot of work to be done but we ended up having some fun too. Because we only had 3 days to clean out a whole house (with a basement) not many pictures were being taken except during a few memorable moments...

Letters and notes from the old days before Mom & Dad V were married were found. One note to Mom was asking if she wanted to "do something crazy like get married". 

Sometimes these two  fought like brother and sister but overall Marth was a good babysitter, keeping JuneBug out of trouble.

Boxes! Boxes! Everywhere!

When Uncle D came over we didn't put him to work the whole time. See we didn't! :D

Going through Grandma's bedroom and closets was lots of fun. One item of interest was a picture of the old family homestead over in Sweden.

Horned rimmed glasses which Nan looks pretty good in.


And I don't. I look like a mean school marm!

Crazy. Yes, we know. Do we have to be related to her? :D

The shocked surprise of J. at some of the other things we found...


and HATS!

K reminds me of the Beatles here.

It somehow looks like it belongs.

I don't think T's hair has ever been this long before.

"I can't believe I actually put this on"

"Please don't take my picture"

"WHAT have you done to my grandson"

We made him a grandDAUGHTER! :D

Our blondie with dark hair.

Ike trying out his new vacuum. (Yes, even though we don't have a stitch of carpet anywhere in the house we are getting a vacuum mainly for the hose attachments. But as Ike said you never know when we might get a rug!)

Explaining something.


On the last day after we had packed everything in the trailer everyone had a little time to play.

Ike took me on a tour of the farm. Here he is in front of his favorite barn.

Out in the pasture they took the "Pooh Kite" up for one last time.

See the dark speck right above the blue patch? That's Pooh.

Huddling together to keep the wind from blowing Marth away.


Our big bunch along with Uncle D and his family went out to supper that night. (cousin J is in-between J&W)

Even though there was a lot of us we were fairly easy, I think.

This was nice to do after all that packing.

It has been so long since I went out to eat with kids that I forgot that some restaurants give out crayons and coloring pages. Time went by quickly even for us kid-adults as we made up games to play using these resources.


After supper we went by the Aunt G's parent's house and had some delicious chocolate cake.

Here is Mrs. R serving up the cake. (Aunt G is beside K)

Mr. R heads up the "adult" table


Our last good-bye hugs. Mama V with her brother and sister-in-law.

Back home we all laid down for a couple of hours of sleep.

Sleeping on the floor and a couple of mattresses.


The trip home begins tomorrow!

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Miss Carey @----'---------- said...

My! What alot has been going on.

You know, that "Beatles" picture actually reminds me of the Lennon Sisters singing "Georgy Girl." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6XoP09ta-U Only the hair and the hat, I mean. :)

How enchanting JuneBug is! :)