Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Pictures and VIDEO!

The newest way to eat your veggies. Have G.I. Joe hold them for you. :)

Blowing Kisses/being an Indian
Playing Peek-a-boo

Video from our trip to MI: riding on the train.

Baby Legs Project

Last week I used the directions found at Adventures In Fluff to make my own knockoff BabyLegs. I used an  old pair of "toe socks" that I had planned on donating to Goodwill. This particular pair required less sewing because I only had to cut the toes off and roll the edge under. I can't wait for the cooler weather to come back so Peanut can wear them more often. :)

Oh, and something that isn't quite clear in the directions: the "sock" is worn upside down. The part that is around Peanut's ankle was the original top. :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Due to the loan of a camera and the purchase of memory card reader I have a couple of pictures to share with you all. 
 See the two new top teeth?
 Crying baby pictures are a lot of fun to take...most of the time. :)
 even though it is blurry I had to show you a picture of Peanut in his footie PJ's
 LOVE this face
 Just woke up
Junebug showing off his new shirt and Peanut yawning in the background 
~~~JuneBug School shots~~~

 ~~~Various Family Shots~~~

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monthly Update

We are still without a camera so I'll keep it short. How about a bullet list?


  • Started School using My Father's World. He loves it!
  • Learning how to be a good role model for the Peanut (instead of leading him to trouble)
  • Whenever he is not playing (and even sometimes when he is) JuneBug is hungry. I think he is growing.
  • Got two more teeth...finally! (Making a total of 4)
  • Starting to eat table food. Whenever I sit at the table he is immediately at my feet seeing if I'm going to eat anything. :)
  • Very very very close to walking. 
  • He has a temper.
  • Gives kisses, which is so stinkin' cute. I hope we get it on video before he grows out of it.

Looking back in the archives of this blog I pulled out a picture to compare JuneBug and Peanut at a similar age.
Here JuneBug (on left) is 11months and Peanut is 10months.

See you all next month!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm an AUNT!

Today my little nephew made his appearance. See how cute he is:

Our live coverage team, Pop-pum, Mum-mum, and Aunt SAM are on the premises now however the reports have been spotty. We all know how a new baby can capture the complete attention of folks so we will have to bear with them. :) :) :) Who can blame them? Take another look at how sweet he is.
I wonder if they have thought of a blog name for him....

Thursday, September 01, 2011

JuneBug & Peanut Post

I'll *try* to make this a short post because the best part of the updates (the pictures!) are unavailable. Yes, my dear friends our camera has died. ;(  It made a terrible crunching noise as I turned it on the other week and now only a green light briefly shines when I try to power it on. On a good note though I think I might be able to trade it in for Swagbucks or Recycle Bank points.
August was a busy month hence the reason I'm posting this in September! We had a week long vacation right in the middle of the month and have been recovering ever since. :) No, actually it was restful even if it was busy. 
While we were on vacation Peanut started to really crawl. Not just army crawl, but a get up on your knees and crawl. He is almost walking but needs to get better balance first. 
Peanut still continues to nurse and only has two teeth. Table food has become interesting to him now so another plate and fork might be added to the table soon.
On our vacation JuneBug had his first experience swimming (other than in a bathtub). At first he was quite frightened (my neck was in his death grip). By the end of the vacation though, he was walking back and forth in the water to Ike and me. I wouldn't call him a fish but I could see him really start to enjoy swimming. Maybe next summer? 
School is beginning for many now and JuneBug just might be one of the newest scholars. Yesterday in the mail I received from my Aunt the My Father's World Kindergarten Materials. As I looked through it today it seems very feasible to do. Some of the items would be over his head of course, but it would be a nice structure to work off of. At the end of the month I maybe able to say we have started school!
Ta Ta For Now!