Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A cutie amongst the flowers

Due to finding a couple of batteries, my sister-in-laws' gardens, a sunny day, some help, and the cutest baby in the whole world we were able to capture these spring pictures.

(I love this face)

Yes he is actually trying to eat it

Outfit change- no shirt!

It was hot and he was cooperative.

I think this is a Vernon face. Don't you?

Odds & Ends

A day or so before my birthday my dh brought in this strawberry cake. My Mother-in-law had made me a birthday cake as a surprise for my Dearest to give to me. This is the only picture evidence that I have added another year as our rechargeable camera batteries are not keeping a charge anymore. Because we haven't had any batteries we haven't gotten a lot of pictures recently. In fact we missed a whole visit from my folks because of deceased batteries. However, as you probably know, my sisters didn't miss a thing so pop over there to see what they captured.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Our Growing Church

Last Lord's Day was an exciting day in the life of our church. As a body of believers we have grown over the last few years and the time had come for us to elect some local office bearers. Throughout the month of March the members of the congregation went through the process of election which culminated last Sabbath with an induction and ordination of one elder and one deacon. The messages of the day were delivered by Pastor Warren Gardner and can be heard on Sermon Audio here and here. The messages were encouraging as well as convicting for both the office bearers and the flock (well, at least I know from the flock's position). Our fellowship lunch ended with a celebratory cake, which also happened to be picture time.
Our newly inducted officers.

We all learned how to cut this cake properly. No you don't cut it like a pie!

Children quickly gather should have seen the face of the lucky fella who got the bowl full of icing from off the knife! :)

l-r: Pastor McCurley, Elder L., Deacon E., & Pastor Gardner

Friday, April 03, 2009

Fridge DJ

The lovable Fridge DJ from Leap Frog is a favorite of everyone who visits. From the teeny tiny ones of our young siblings to the strong calloused ones of my darling husband the "music button" attracts all fingers. JuneBug is no exception. Since learning which button makes it sing, JuneBug has had hours of fun pushing and chewing on the the beloved Fridge DJ. Just the other week I noticed JuneBug "dancing" to the music. Enjoy the video, I do! :)