Thursday, October 22, 2009

Domestic Bliss!

She is like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar. She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. Prov. 31:14-15

My apples are now sauce and pie filling!
There are some days when I seem to have so much energy that I put my nose to the grindstone and actually get things done. Today was one of those days. I think it is because it's Fall. When it is Fall you know you must be prepared for the coming winter. So part of the stuff I accomplished today was some baking. For the ladies (and men that cook) who frequent this blog I have some yummy recipes to share!
Over the past couple of nights whenever I would bake dinner the smoke alarm would start beeping...a good sign the oven needs cleaning. (No, I wasn't burning supper!) Thus before I started my cooking endevours I had to clean out the oven. Last night I had tried the auto clean, but when the flames started popping up I decided it needed a good scrub first. I don't have pictures of that. Who wants to see a dirty oven anyway?
Then it was on to nicer, tastier things.

I made these bread items this afternoon, but I don't think they will last all winter...I have already tried 2 muffins. Or was it 3? This morning I was thinking about what kind of muffin I wanted to make and had limited it to zucchini or blueberry. The other day I had seen a blueberry muffin recipe of Alton Brown's and since he is one of my favorite chefs I thought I would re-look it up. As I was browsing, however, I came across this zucchini/blueberry bread recipe. WOW! I wouldn't have to make a decision afterall! Because I wanted muffins I changed the directions a little bit by following Alton's tips found in this episode of Good Eats. This recipe didn't contain any oil, which is great, but I would like to see if I could cut down on the sugar a little bit. Okay, that is just an excuse to make more...[UPDATE: W said they tasted like doughnuts!]
Making bread was also on the list of things to do since we were down to 3 slices of bread. If you notice one loaf is a little bigger than the other. It always does that and I haven't figured out why. Although I have a theory. The higher loaf is baked in a thin old loaf pan and the shorter one is baked in an a thick new pan. I suppose the thickness of the pan keeps the one from rising as fast. The "third" loaf I made into rolls. By the way I love my Bosch! It makes bread baking sooo easy.
In between bread rising and baking there was laundry to do, a grocery list to make, a psalm-sing to prepare for, planning for company and oh, of course all those dishes. Did I mention we are having leftovers for supper?
Tomorrow W is planning on hunting with a friend on his property. So we might be processing a deer in the next few days. Hmmmm. To have the meat will be nice...but I don't know about the processing part. :)
Another recipe I wanted to share was this applesauce cake. It has a nice Fall-ish flavor and I could have probably eaten a whole one by myself. Okay, now I'm remembering a conversation from this past Lord's Day on why I shouldn't eat one by myself. It would be breaking the sixth commandment. "The duties required in the sixth commandment are...a sober use of meat, drink..." (WLC Answer 135)
Well, I'll leave you with a video of JuneBug being domestic and "washing" windows. This afternoon I found him at it again...using his tongue! [EDIT: For some reason the video won't upload so I'll try again later. UPDATE: video can now be viewed here.]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

JuneBug Goes Visiting

Over the weekend we went to North Carolina to visit with JuneBug's Great-Grandma and other extended family members.

When we got there we went to supper with Grandma, Uncle B. and Aunt C.

The next morning we had breakfast with Grandma, Uncle M. and Aunt K.

Back at the house JuneBug got better aquainted with Uncle B. & Aunt C. 

You can't tell by his face here but JuneBug had lots of fun getting all of Uncle B's attention.

Don't you love the suspenders?!


We Love You!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apples! Apples! Apples!

Away up high in the mountains

among the trees and lanes

there were some little girls

and a few little boys

along with their Mommy's and Big Sisters

roaming in an apple orchard.

They walked and looked and walked a little more.

Until, finally

they found the treasure

and filled their baskets full.

They picked and picked

and picked some more.

First Black Arkansas

and then the Granny Smith.

Don't forget the Pink Lady

or the sweet tasty Fuji!

After resting for a bit

and partaking of the fruit

we snap a picture

or two

of me

and you

and you!

Posing with their nephew

on haybales

or in the apple house

they definitely think he is the cutest thing around.

Playing on the swing sets

and peeking through doors

and windows

helped to pass the time until

the hay ride!

Scarcrows abound

in this orchard of delight.

Among the rows of

daisies shining

in the bright sunlight

sit boxes of apples waiting to be sold.

Bright orange

and yellow pumpkins

make the farmers look on

their harvest with pleasure.

Munching cookies and taking a nap

was a great prize for all the hardworkers!