Monday, June 20, 2011

JuneBug Post

This month our JuneBug is 3 years old! He was born two weeks "late" at a whopping 9lbs 22in long. With all the energy he exudes JuneBug has thinned out quite a bit since then. Now he registers 30lbs at 3ft. The following are some of his interests and accomplishments.

 THOMAS: JuneBug is a Thomas the Tank Engine fan. He enjoys making his trains "chuff down the track" just as much as watching the show. In his play "Sir Pop-pom Hatt" frequently visits his engines and you can see Thomas going under a lot of tunnels (i.e. couch cushions). 
PLAY: In addition to playing with Thomas JuneBug also has fun in doing anything boyish. He can play in the dirt, "shoot" at bad guys, and work on tractors. His imagination is vivid and he can't wait for Peanut to grow up and be able to help him "shoot".
WORK: Admittedly, JuneBug doesn't do as much work as he could and in fact would love to help more. Right now I'm creating more of a schedule and hopefully that will include some training time for this "Mommy's Helper".
FOOD: Anything with sugar could be considered JuneBug's favorite food. We, however, try to limit the intake of such items. Good foods that he enjoys are muffins, hamburger, and all types of fruit. Lettuce for some reason gags him and so he doesn't like it very much. It melts my heart on the nights at dinner when we hear him say "it's delicious!"
KOREAN: JuneBug's Papa has taught him some Korean words. Hopefully with our new schedule we can have a little more structure to aid his (and Mommy's) learning more.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Peanut Post

Inspired by some friends I thought I would try to start making a monthly post on each of the boys. It will be to record their growth in all areas of their lives. I pray that I can be consistent with it!
STATS: Our Peanut is 8 months old this month. He weighs 21 pounds. Since measuring the length of a baby is so difficult my best estimate of his height is 27 inches long.
FOOD: Exclusively eats/drinks Mommy's milk. Peanut has sampled avocado and "smoothie" (coconut milk and banana) but finds his appetite best satisfied with Mommy. Considering he got his first tooth only a couple of weeks ago it isn't too bad for Mommy either. (You can kind of see the tooth in the picture below)
MOBILITY: When Peanut is in his walker he runs! But put him on the floor and he moves at an army crawl. He is working on getting his knees up under him though. Because Peanut moves around so well in his walker he is also learning the meaning of "don't touch". :)
SOCIAL SKILLS: Peanut has the uncanny ability to melt your heart. He goes to anybody and likes to be cuddled. Quieter than his big brother, "he talks with his eyes" as one checkout girl at the grocery said.
 IMITATION: We have been telling JuneBug for awhile now that he needs to be a good example to Peanut and just recently have noticed why this needs to be the case. When JuneBug comes running into the room and yells "GGGGGAAAAA!!!!!!" Peanut will race after him in his walker and yell "GGGGAAAAAA" too. Remember in the last paragraph I said "quietER" not quiet. :) More examples are below.
SLEEP: A couple of nights last week he slept from 8PM to 7AM but now he is playing catch up with a feeding at midnight and 5AM. It isn't too bad and I have a theory that maybe he is waking up cold at one of those times because he hasn't kept the blanket on. So I plan to add a thicker covering to see if I can get by with just one feeding.
 CLAPPING: In the past week Peanut started to imitate clapping. Watch the video to see.
NIGHT-NIGHT: Part of the "Peanut goes to bed" ritual is everyone waving madly and saying night-night. Again this past week Peanut started to imitate us waving. He will even make a "na-na" sound telling us goodnight.
AN ANECDOTEThe other day Peanut was crying and JuneBug goes over and tells him "It's okay Peanut. Don't cry I'm your best friend."
Yes, I said awwwww! :)

Look for a JuneBug Post in a couple of days!

P.S. For those of you who may be wondering.... Mrs. L, Aunt Kt, Devin, Mum-Mum, Auntie S, Bugsbee, Britt, Bree, and "Mom" Alexander all chose the winning photo in the YoBaby contest.  Peanut was one of the six winning babies. He generously is sharing the yogurt he won with Mommy and JuneBug.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Working and Playing with Friends

A few weekends ago we went to help some church friends work on their house. Well, I should say Ike helped work while the boys and I played. 
Here is Ike in his Tyvek suit to go under the house

The guys taking a break and walking the property

M hanging out in his carseat

Peanut in his

JuneBug and A playing with some toys we brought

The X Family's property has some great backgrounds for photos so I tried my hand at capturing a few.

This one is my favorite of the day

The two of them were born about a month apart and have spent nearly 2/3 of their Lord's Days together. Here is a picture of them when they were babies and another one with them a little older.

M and Peanut were also born a little more than a month apart. 

Mrs. X making a dandelion wreath

Modeling the finished product

JuneBug didn't want to be left out

and didn't want me to be either so he took my picture.

This beautiful oak tree was huge. A few of the limbs (on the right) came down almost to the ground. In the pictures below you can see the children sitting on them.