Friday, February 20, 2009

Birthday Boy gets a package

It's open... what does he get....

Yeah! A t-shirt! Wait a minute he's not the birthday boy...

Looks like they are both happy with the loot.
(JuneBug was more pleased with the sticky note than the t-shirt)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fishy Lips

This is for Auntie B. The one I remember teaching us to do "fishy lips".

JuneBug was doing this (all on his own I might add) yesterday through his lunch of broccoli/pea medley. I don't know exactly why he was doing it. He has had both veggies before so they weren't new. JuneBug is just too cute for his own good!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Here is a post dedicated to videos taken over the past couple of months.

Monday, February 02, 2009

We are IT!!!

Our sistwerps tagged us and so we must

1. go to our documents/pictures.

2. go to our 5th file.

3. go to our 5th picture.

4. blog about it.

5. and tag 5 people, who must follow the preceding rules …...

So our picture is (drum roll please)....
Grandpa, Grandma, and Uncle J. (l-r) brought us some furniture from our Uncle T & Aunt J who were moving out of the country. One of the nights they were here we went out to eat at a local restaurant, which is where this picture was taken. All of there faces in the picture are pretty funny (I don't think they knew they were getting their picture taken).
Now I tag the Francis 4 b/c I think they are one of the few who (1) actually read my blog (2) have a blog to blog on and (3) haven't done it yet.
Well, I'll also tag my hubby's work blog so I can do this again cause it was kind of fun. :)
Anyone who would like to volunteer for positions 3-5 can be tagged too. Just leave a comment so I can read your post! :)