Monday, July 05, 2010

Lions, Tigers, and Bears!

Since Ike had Monday off of work for the holiday we decided to take JuneBug to the Zoo. JuneBug loves animals and it was a great time to show him some real (instead of pictures) ones.

A sign by a statue of a lion right as you walk in. 

JuneBug's first expression upon seeing the lions.

They were very photogenic.

Way in the back in the bamboo is the tiger. I didn't get a good picture of him but he really gave us a show. He was up walking (most of the animals we saw just laid around) and started roaring. I interpreted his roaring as "it's hotttttt" it's hotttttttt" :D

Do you know how much flamingos stink? Well, a lot. So we didn't stay here long.

JuneBug would either point and say "Wook Mom!" or want to get up out of the stoller. One thing I noticed at the zoo is it is not kid-in-a-stoller friendly. Before he could actually see an exhibit he would have to stand up or be lifted up because railings would be in the way.

A very big gator. It was scary how close you could actually get to him. You definitely didn't want to stick your hand over the railing.

A Galapagos Turtle and JuneBug


One exhibit we hit at the right time was the elephants. A zoo keeper was throwing hay to the elephants and we got to watch them eat.

An ostrich looking at us looking at him

A Zebra

JuneBug really enjoyed the giraffes. They are one of the first animals he remembers when we talk about the zoo. 

We also enjoyed seeing the aquarium and reptile exhibits but didn't get any pictures of those. If blogger co-operates I might be able to upload a video of JuneBug at the aquarium. I'll close this post with a picture of JuneBug 5 minutes out of the parking lot...