Thursday, July 16, 2009

Saturday Fun

Some Saturdays we break from our normal weekend fun and actually do some work around the house and in the yard.
With the help of some strong young men we cut up a limb that had fallen from this oak tree.
See where it was rotten?

JuneBug and I came out to bring them water and they had a lot of the smaller branches already cut off. The limb was long enough to go touch the fence but not do any damage, for which we were thankful.

Perfectly sized to fit into the wood stove, after splitting of course.

"Someday I'll be helping too...."

One Saturday the lawn needed tending...
JuneBug loved to watch his Daddy. Later I set him up in his booster seat so that he could watch out of the other windows.

As he was mowing, Ike went right over a yellow jacket's nest. Later that night we put gas into the hole and the next day we dug it up.
It's a big one!

Carolina Clay

I hadn't seen one before so this was very interesting for me.

Thar she is! It's the queen!
It was a deep hole and there were a lot of yellow jackets.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Farewell to Friends

A couple of weekends ago the church had a farewell party for some members who had to move out of state for a job. We did some psalm singing, cake eating, fellowshipping, and picture taking. Below are some of the festivities.

The three babies here were all born within two months of each other.

Fourth of July Visit

Grandpa & Grandma G. came over the Fourth of July weekend. Friday we spent a good amount of time grocery shopping but we found time for some outdoor activities.

Grandma enjoyed an activity she doesn't find much time for...pulling weeds! I suppose if I were stuck in an office 5 long days a week I wouldn't mind doing it either. But I guess I just enjoy the "natural, wild-look" for the sidewalk. :)

Grandpa was the official picture-taker-of-all-things-cute, particularly JuneBug.

Here JuneBug is with another rock.

Daddy observes the proceedings

JuneBug doesn't want to wear his hat
Saturday we...
brought gifts of sweet corn, muskmelon, and hats...

visited the Vernons and...

they bit
and tickled...

our happy little JuneBug.
Later on
Grandma and JuneBug did some reading.

Then Grandpa pulled out this motorized train
We had to push him around since the battery wasn't charged

He likes it!

Then the oldest and youngest members of the household rested.
To finish off our wonderful fourth our extravagant, wonderfully festive, neighbors gave us a beautiful fireworks display. I was surprised I had captured so many great shots.

G&G had to return home on the Lord's Day morning and we got these snapped as we headed out the door.