Saturday, April 14, 2012

Peelin' Carrots

Wanting to be a helper-boy, JuneBug wanted to know if he could help me peel carrots. I was somewhat hesitant but allowed him to help.
Peeling his first carrot
 Thankfully he kept his hand well back from the peeler.
 Peanut content with a carrot stick. I wonder what I'm going to do when the BOTH want to help! :D

Friday, April 13, 2012

Puzzle Boy

Yesterday we found Thomas the Tank Engine Puzzles on clearance. When we got home JuneBug was anxious to put them together. He wanted me to help him and I thought I would probably have to since they were 24 piece puzzles. Junebug had so much fun! Then today he wanted to do it again. However, I was busy freezing strawberries so I couldn't help him right then. I told him to try by himself and I would give direction if he needed help. At first he said he couldn't do it but then he got busy and had it put together in a matter of minutes. I was quite impressed! Sometimes I think I'm the one holding him back from growing his mind. :( Here are a couple of pictures of the puzzle he did all by himself.

 Here is where some of the strawberries I was working on went.....breakfast tomorrow!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Before and After... and in between

The beginning 
For future reference masking tape does not fix holes in the walls. As you see the old owners "fixed" the holes and painted over them! :D

 Beginning to paint
 The boys playing (trying to stay out of the trouble)

 Being a helper boy

 Getting closer to the finish

 Ike seeing the "new" room
 Helping clean up
 Bathroom- Done!
 Bringing in the furniture again.

All done!

New Room!

Well, not a new room exactly but new paint! I hope to show some before and after pictures soon.