Saturday, April 14, 2012

Peelin' Carrots

Wanting to be a helper-boy, JuneBug wanted to know if he could help me peel carrots. I was somewhat hesitant but allowed him to help.
Peeling his first carrot
 Thankfully he kept his hand well back from the peeler.
 Peanut content with a carrot stick. I wonder what I'm going to do when the BOTH want to help! :D


Stephen and Kathryn said...

How sweet! Junebug looks so happy!

Peanut looks serious about his carrots! :)


Britt-Ann said...

That's great! It is always a little scary the first time the little ones want to help use those kind of tools in the kitchen.
Good job, June Bug!:-) Such a big helper!

The Morton's said...

Tell Junebug Pop-pum, Grandmum-mum, and Aunt Sarah thinks he is a great helper boy!! Mamma, Keep working yourself right out of those jobs!!! ;) Peanut- you are serious about food!! Miss those boys!! Hugs and Kisses!
Love, Mum-Mum