Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The blog writers for The Vernon Family Happenings has obtained exclusive video of THE JUNEBUG!!!! In just a matter of a couple of weeks this bundle of joy went from the oh so cute army crawl...

...to the oh so into-everything baby crawl.

Next he will be...walking....ahhhhh!!!!!
:) :) :)

Special Meeting

Last month we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Joel Beeke at our church. About 50 people heard in person this wonderful sermon from Genesis 24. Wherever you are in life this 70 minute sermon has something for you. Whether you download it from here or listen to it below you will want a pen and paper. The love of Christ, as Dr.Beeke puts it forth, is absolutely beautiful so you will probably also want a tissue box! The following pictures are a snapshot of the night.

A note to the sistwerps: do you recognize the man behind Papa Vernon? We had a nice little visit with these out-of-towners. (Can't believe this was the only picture I had of any of them!)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I've been waiting for this day...

...for a year and a half. When we were courting my darling told me that when it snows down here everything shuts down and you don't have to go to work. I was hooked. Snow = a free day off. Being from the North I naively thought that it might snow perhaps every other month (calculating for the warmer climate) and my hubby would be able to stay home with me for a couple days every winter. My first winter here it snowed this much:
and he went to work. :(
My second winter here it has been warm and they have called for snow a couple of times but we never saw any. Then on Saturday by word of mouth we heard we could get 4 inches the next day. Ha!! As my Mother-in-law pointed out, "If they call for it, you won't get it". The dreary rain we had had for the last couple of days continued to fall on Sunday morning and although it was chilly my hopes weren't high. Then, (and here is where it starts to get exciting) after our afternoon worship service the kids came in with reports of sleet. Hmmm, it was getting colder..... An hour or two later when we left it was still sleeting and as we got closer to home big white flakes were falling.
We spent the rest of the afternoon tucked away in a little trailer in the woods watching the snow stick to the tree branches and grass. Covering everything in a white blanket, the snow was beautiful. Any northern state would have been proud to own this snow.
With the snow sticking, it was then that I first heard mention of my hubby staying home with me on Monday. I started to get excited. I had been waiting for one of these moments for over a year and finally it was happening.
Monday morning dawned clear and sunny. "The call" to work was made and my dearest turned off his phone. When I laid JuneBug down for his morning nap Hubby and I went outside to play and take pictures. It was a very relaxing day. We were able to get some work done and we were able to just be together.
I can't wait until it snows again!