Monday, September 29, 2008

Psalm Sing

There were about 115 people that came

Pastor gave a biographical sketch of Samuel Rutherford to give our voices a rest

There was a lot of fellowship...

...a lot of baby holding...

...and lots of playing. Here Mr. W prepares to launch a rocket.

Various Pictures of our Growing Baby

A gift

This cute little outfit was made by his Aunt.
He likes it!

With the sweater

With the talented crocheter

Saturday Afternoon Fun (Part 2)

~The Faces & Injuries of Sword Fighting~

(Look at T up against the tree)

~A Battle~

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Fun (Part 1)

We asked to pet his horse and he upgraded to letting us ride!

My "Buddy" wanted her Daddy to get a pony and cart like this.

This was my favorite

and this reminded me of Cars.

Catching up

It would be impossible to catch this blog up on the last 17 months so we are just going to skip it. . We could perhaps do some "flashbacks" every so often so as to have a record of important events. But those of you still checking this blog will know most of the information already and you also know where to look for the pictures.

Some pictures of our cutie: