Saturday, February 26, 2011

For Mum-Mum...

...and all other interested parties we have a post dedicated to Peanut Pictures. Don't have much commentary on them so we will just let them speak for themselves.

JuneBug tried helping us get a picture. :)

(The red is a reflection from my sweater.)

Stay tuned because next week we will have a garden update and a birthday post!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Garden

The boys and I haven been taking advantage of the warm weather to start expanding our garden plot.
 The original garden
 The planned expansion
 Cutie Distraction #1
 Cutie Distraction #2 helping
 He is very interested in the rocks we've found
 Putting the rocks in the box
There were a lot of rocks found in that small section we dug up
We now have about 3/4 of the space turned over but have not taken a picture of it yet

Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday Preparations

This morning JuneBug and I have been working on some birthday treats for Ike. But shhhhh! they are surprises (I don't think he reads the blog at work....).
 We made a pumpkin cheese roll...

... warmed up our vocal cords...

and after naps we have special cards to make.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Stone

At the Farm the driveway needed new stone and the boys and I were there the day it was delivered.
 It came in a a big red truck
 We stayed inside so that there would be no danger of any of us getting buried (or run over)
"WOW! Cool! Hey do you see that it's tipping." 
Some of the excited voices inside. 
 It is a lot of rock but yet not a lot...
 JuneBug with his younger Aunts & Uncles on top of the pile.
Needless to say after a full day of playing on the rock pile they were all extremely dirty 
 King of the Mountain
Shoveling the rock into the trailer to take it up the drive.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big Blue Eyes

 Tummy Time!
We got the walker out this week and Peanut likes sitting in it a lot better than in his other chair. 
 He likes being able to watch all the action going on around him. Plus he doesn't lose his toys as easily.
Here I was going to get a video of him pushing himself up and smiling but he got tired when I went to get the camera. :) I love that you can see how blue his eyes are in this picture. I reminds me of one of Stonewall Jackson's nicknames...Old Blue Light!

Poor Sick Boy

JuneBug got sick on Tuesday night and all day Wednesday he laid out on the couch. His fever made him flushed and very pitiful. We think he is on the mend now though as he has been up and running around a little today. On Wednesday SIL K came over to use the computer and brought over a surprise that Grammy had found. She found it on a clearance rack last week but had not had a chance to give it to JuneBug yet. He was really cheered up by it and it helped us to more accurately track his mood.
Me: Would you like something to eat?
JuneBug: (moaning and groaning).........
Me: How about a banana?
JuneBug: (moans turn to tears).......
Me: (lifts up toy gun)
JuneBug: (sits up) Yeah! and he shoots 'em! Pow! Pow! He died! Can I have my gun? Please can you pull the hammer back? Here comes another bad guy. POW!!!!!
Me: (goes and gets a banana)

Sleeping with his gun at his side

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

My Boys

 Peanut being a happy boy
"Digging french toast" is how JuneBug described it.