Thursday, February 10, 2011

Poor Sick Boy

JuneBug got sick on Tuesday night and all day Wednesday he laid out on the couch. His fever made him flushed and very pitiful. We think he is on the mend now though as he has been up and running around a little today. On Wednesday SIL K came over to use the computer and brought over a surprise that Grammy had found. She found it on a clearance rack last week but had not had a chance to give it to JuneBug yet. He was really cheered up by it and it helped us to more accurately track his mood.
Me: Would you like something to eat?
JuneBug: (moaning and groaning).........
Me: How about a banana?
JuneBug: (moans turn to tears).......
Me: (lifts up toy gun)
JuneBug: (sits up) Yeah! and he shoots 'em! Pow! Pow! He died! Can I have my gun? Please can you pull the hammer back? Here comes another bad guy. POW!!!!!
Me: (goes and gets a banana)

Sleeping with his gun at his side

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Morton Family said...

Poor Daniel!! Sure can tell He did not feel well!! Love the story!! Are you sure that boy was not born with a sword or a gun at his side?? Did you get a snow day?? Love ya, Grandmum-mum