Friday, May 27, 2011

How to Make a Smoothie...

...JuneBug style! If you have ever watched Homestead Blessings: The Art of Dairy Delights you may notice a couple of references ("let this set for awhile") he watched it with me a couple of weeks ago and then we made yogurt. I think it is funny that JuneBug associated the video with us making a smoothie.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Grandpa and Grandma Come to Visit

On their way home from Florida Grandpa and Grandma C stopped to visit us. 
 For an afternoon snack we had ice cream.

 From stories to gadgets Grandpa always has something interesting to share. In the picture it was a watch that contained a train engine counting the seconds. (While he was here we also played with a GPS, recorded our voices and heard a story of when Grandpa was young in the 1930's.)

 Grandma and Grandpa with two (of the three) great-great grandsons

In this one we added Mommy and Teddy

While waiting for Ike to get home we went out and played some catch.

I think it is funny how JuneBug has his hand on his back for this one.

 Playing hand games after dinner

 Grandpa played a little trick on JuneBug and got him wet. :)

 Back to normal play

Watching with amusement.
It was a great visit and we are resolved to make time for our grandparents more.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden's First Fruits

I guess we should have showed him how to pick a green bean before we told him to do it. :) (The plant was fine though)

 We ate them for supper!
 l-r: tomatoes and peppers, cantaloupe, green beans and cucumbers
l-r: yellow squash, zucchini, acorn squash and butternut squash with some tomatoes and peppers mixed in.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Kitchen Tour! *With Video*

Last week my sister-in-law K came over and helped me de-clutter and organize my kitchen. I put her to work that is for sure! We started with a trip to Wal-Mart to spend birthday money on items that I hoped would help us organize. Then we hit Wendy's so that we would have sustenance (the Frosty especially helped!). After that it was Work! Work! Work! At one point I realized how helpful K really was. It wasn't just that she was literally working but she secretly motivated me. Had she not been there I would have given up and put it off to an indefinite later.
Here are a few photos of the day and my purchases.
 The baker's rack "before" or should I say in midst of organizing

 The baker's rack "after" and in it's new location

 My new bamboo silverware organizer in place of what used to be nothing.

 K and Peanut (June Bug was at Grammy's house)

 A few (or should I say a lot!) of the items I the baker's rack needed a new home. The two-drawer box under the monitor is the new home for our letter writing/sending supplies. It has paper, cards, addresses, stamps, etc. The green box on the left is a in/out box and also holds pens and pencils. It isn't exactly how I would like the desk to look but at least everything has a place now.
Now for what you all have been waiting for... the video tour! I hope I don't make anyone sick moving around. Enjoy!
Part 1 of Kitchen Tour

Part 2 of Kitchen Tour

Part 3 of Kitchen Tour