Monday, September 06, 2010

New Door

At the beginning of July we installed a door between the kitchen and sun-room. In the summer time it gets very hot in the sun-room. So by installing a door we were able to keep the heat in there without exhausting the air conditioner. 
Ike practicing cutting out hinges

Looks about right

Placing the hinges. Remember measure twice cut once!



A close up of the handle and trim Ike put up

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Odds and Ends

I should keep this blog better updated so that I'm not posting pictures from July in September!
One evening we were invited over to Mr. & Mrs. F's home. Here they are with JuneBug.
The week before the Free Church Conference a few of us Vernons took some friends and went shopping at the mall. The only pictures I got were us riding the escalator because I was too busy trying on clothes. :D
Some people just don't like their picture taken.

Introducing our friends to taking pictures in the mall. Definitely a Morton-ish thing to do but it is fun!

We were getting a little crazy. Maybe N just didn't want to be seen publicly with us. :D
An apple pie that I made. 
One day I built a mega-lego "car" for JuneBug.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Trip Virginia: Part 2

After going to Stephen and Katie's we went to the Free Church Continuing Conference. I really only have pictures of JuneBug but you can check out The Reeder Bunch and Stefanie's Pleasant Places to get better coverage of the event. When you are done head to the FCC conference sermon headquarters to hear some great preaching.
JuneBug and Mommy on the balcony off our room

One afternoon JuneBug stood on a suitcase so he could look in the mirror and comb his hair. (I couldn't get the camera to not flash so sorry for the glare)

I think JuneBug could have swung the whole conference.

JuneBug and Hannah