Saturday, September 04, 2010

Odds and Ends

I should keep this blog better updated so that I'm not posting pictures from July in September!
One evening we were invited over to Mr. & Mrs. F's home. Here they are with JuneBug.
The week before the Free Church Conference a few of us Vernons took some friends and went shopping at the mall. The only pictures I got were us riding the escalator because I was too busy trying on clothes. :D
Some people just don't like their picture taken.

Introducing our friends to taking pictures in the mall. Definitely a Morton-ish thing to do but it is fun!

We were getting a little crazy. Maybe N just didn't want to be seen publicly with us. :D
An apple pie that I made. 
One day I built a mega-lego "car" for JuneBug.

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Reeder said...

Great pictures. The Mall looks so fun!!!