Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eat'n Rocks

When the driveway is made of rocks one of them is bound to be eaten by the Baby at some point, or at least tried. I'm not remembering right now that the dogs also love to play ball with the rocks.

"Hey Mom, I'm standin...wait, what are these..."

"Let's get a closer look."

"Must study the history of the earth as recorded in these rocks"

"It's hard."

"It's small."

"It fits! All the senses must be exercised."

"No! No! No! No! NO!"

"Yeah, I didn't like it anyway."

Strawberries & Roses

Here is JuneBug at the strawberry farm. He was pulled in his Aunt's wagon and was jiggled around enough to almost fall asleep. We had to stage the one below slightly (by putting the strawberries in front of him) because he was very interested in taste testing. His little 10 month old digestive system might not quite be ready for a gallon of strawberries yet! :)

Here he was resting while Grandma picked out some tomatoes. We did get a few "awww" and a "he is cute" comments. Of course, we have to agree!
Back at the farm... we captured these goodies.