Monday, February 20, 2012

Funny Things Kids Say

Here are a couple that came from JuneBug recently:

"Can I call Uncle John to tell him to come pick up all these toys?"
"Mamma why do we wear underwear?"
Papa: Do you know what "chasten" means?
JuneBug: It means running down the hill.
JuneBug: I love you.
Mamma: I love you too.
JuneBug: Maybe Papa loves me too?!
"Peanut is teaching me bad habits."
JuneBug: In the old days did we have a red car?
Mamma: Yes.
JuneBug: But now in the nice days we have a van?
Mamma Yes.
JuneBug: I like the nice days.
JuneBug: Where are you reading?
Mamma: 1 John
JuneBug: Can I read in 1 Will?

JuneBug: Hey Mom guess what I found on the bathroom door?
Mamma (in a voice that is kind of scared to ask): What?
JuneBug: Hinges! But they are rusty.
We were talking about marriage at the table the other day and in the midst of that conversation JuneBug had these questions:
JuneBug: Who am I going to marry?
Us: We don't know
JuneBug: I know. I can marry Hannah!
Us: Why do you wan to marry her?
JuneBug: Because she is my friend (interupts himself) Oh! I can marry Elijah! He is my friend too.
Us: You can't marry Elijah. Boys can't marry each other
JuneBug: I'll marry Hannah and Elijah!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Airsoft Armor

Airsoft is kinda big at our house right now and we felt like JuneBug needed some protection if he was going to play. Thus Ike came up with the idea of cardboard armor until (maybe) we can upgrade to plastic or something. It involved a lot of cutting and fitting. In the end we were pretty pleased with it. We do want to get him (and us) face masks but we will have to see if the make them his size.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Quick Post

Well, I guess I can't post videos but I can pictures so here are a few of the boys from yesterday. BTW down south here it was in the 60's and sunny- beautiful weather!
 As a side note the rocking chair above we picked up off the side of the road. I think it needs some repairs but I love the "Cracker Barrel" style and that it is a double-seater and that it was FREE! :)

We have been trying to get out and take a walk before lunch/nap time and here we are at the pond down from our house.