Monday, February 20, 2012

Funny Things Kids Say

Here are a couple that came from JuneBug recently:

"Can I call Uncle John to tell him to come pick up all these toys?"
"Mamma why do we wear underwear?"
Papa: Do you know what "chasten" means?
JuneBug: It means running down the hill.
JuneBug: I love you.
Mamma: I love you too.
JuneBug: Maybe Papa loves me too?!
"Peanut is teaching me bad habits."
JuneBug: In the old days did we have a red car?
Mamma: Yes.
JuneBug: But now in the nice days we have a van?
Mamma Yes.
JuneBug: I like the nice days.
JuneBug: Where are you reading?
Mamma: 1 John
JuneBug: Can I read in 1 Will?

JuneBug: Hey Mom guess what I found on the bathroom door?
Mamma (in a voice that is kind of scared to ask): What?
JuneBug: Hinges! But they are rusty.
We were talking about marriage at the table the other day and in the midst of that conversation JuneBug had these questions:
JuneBug: Who am I going to marry?
Us: We don't know
JuneBug: I know. I can marry Hannah!
Us: Why do you wan to marry her?
JuneBug: Because she is my friend (interupts himself) Oh! I can marry Elijah! He is my friend too.
Us: You can't marry Elijah. Boys can't marry each other
JuneBug: I'll marry Hannah and Elijah!


Conley Clan said...

LOL!! love it! we STILL have these moments with Bryce sometimes...but I won't post them, cause I'd embarass him. however, I will post one that Eden said yesterday at church. the class lesson was on Jesus being our Doctor and Healer. she raised her hand and said "yeah, I had diahrea yesterday".....oh my.... :)what can I say, that's Eden!

Sam N. said...

Hmmm... I know where Junebug got that last face from... ;o) We enjoyed talking with y'all so much! The boys are growing up so fast!

Stephen and Kathryn said...

How absolutely adorable!!!!! I think my favorite answer is what he thought chasten meant.....LOL!!!! It makes me laugh every time I think about it!!! :)


Anonymous said...

That's too cute! Don't you just love all the things little kids say?!

The Morton's said...

Love this post!
Auntie S.