Friday, February 10, 2012

Airsoft Armor

Airsoft is kinda big at our house right now and we felt like JuneBug needed some protection if he was going to play. Thus Ike came up with the idea of cardboard armor until (maybe) we can upgrade to plastic or something. It involved a lot of cutting and fitting. In the end we were pretty pleased with it. We do want to get him (and us) face masks but we will have to see if the make them his size.


Bumpas said...

If he is going to play with his uncles, he definitely needs the face mask ;)

Reeder said...

I love the last photo

Alexanders said...

That's cute! It's amazing what you can do to have fun with a little creativity!

Conley Clan said...

too cute...he looks like a Transformer/Optimus Prime ;)
Air soft is big around this house too...Bryce and Brendan would have a blast with him!!!

The Morton's said...

Pop-pum wants to play airsoft with you!