Friday, February 03, 2012

Quick Post

Well, I guess I can't post videos but I can pictures so here are a few of the boys from yesterday. BTW down south here it was in the 60's and sunny- beautiful weather!
 As a side note the rocking chair above we picked up off the side of the road. I think it needs some repairs but I love the "Cracker Barrel" style and that it is a double-seater and that it was FREE! :)

We have been trying to get out and take a walk before lunch/nap time and here we are at the pond down from our house.


The Morton's said...

I love and miss my nephews!

Stephen and Kathryn said...

So cute! I love their facial expressions!!! :)

Give them hugs from their Auntie KT!!!!

P.S. when are you going to post a baby bump photo?

Conley Clan said...

super CUTE!! And I wanna see baby bump #3 too! :)