Saturday, February 26, 2011

For Mum-Mum...

...and all other interested parties we have a post dedicated to Peanut Pictures. Don't have much commentary on them so we will just let them speak for themselves.

JuneBug tried helping us get a picture. :)

(The red is a reflection from my sweater.)

Stay tuned because next week we will have a garden update and a birthday post!


Morton Family said...

OOOHHH!! THANK YOU!!!THANK YOU!!!!!! Mum-Mum is thrilled to see pictures of "all of the boys"!Peanut is changing quickly...Mum-mum just wants to hold'em and squeeze 'em little cheeks! Tell Grammy to snuggle with him for me!!:0) I enjoyed seeing "Junebug's picture taking abilities!! Next thing you know he'll be having a nikon D90 around his neck!!XOXOXO to you all! Love you, Mum-Mum

The Alexander Family said...

Those are sooooo very precious!! I love the video clips. Your family is so special. Thanks for posting.
Love and Blessings from the Alexander's