Friday, April 13, 2012

Puzzle Boy

Yesterday we found Thomas the Tank Engine Puzzles on clearance. When we got home JuneBug was anxious to put them together. He wanted me to help him and I thought I would probably have to since they were 24 piece puzzles. Junebug had so much fun! Then today he wanted to do it again. However, I was busy freezing strawberries so I couldn't help him right then. I told him to try by himself and I would give direction if he needed help. At first he said he couldn't do it but then he got busy and had it put together in a matter of minutes. I was quite impressed! Sometimes I think I'm the one holding him back from growing his mind. :( Here are a couple of pictures of the puzzle he did all by himself.

 Here is where some of the strawberries I was working on went.....breakfast tomorrow!


The Morton's said...

Pop-Pum's proud of the puzzle master in training!

Britt-Ann said...

It's so fun watching them grow up and learn! (And sometimes it is rather amazing the first time they do something on their own that you thought they couldn't:-)
That breakfast looks really good! Is it a cobbler? You're making me anxious for strawberry season! Yum!

The Morton's said...

JuneBug is learning things so quickly! Makes me want to do a puzzle with him. :)
Aunt ~S~

The Vernon Family said...

Britt-Ann- The strawberry breakfast is actually baked oatmeal.