Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fishy Lips

This is for Auntie B. The one I remember teaching us to do "fishy lips".

JuneBug was doing this (all on his own I might add) yesterday through his lunch of broccoli/pea medley. I don't know exactly why he was doing it. He has had both veggies before so they weren't new. JuneBug is just too cute for his own good!


Morton Family said...

Pick me up off the floor...I am laughing so hard!! That is so cute!! Poor Auntie B is not feeling so well, so I do not know when she will get to see this...maybe she should look at now and she will feel better!!HUGS,Mumzie

Conley Clan said...

I couldn't be more proud! lol! Have I mentioned before just how handsome he is?? If we lived closer together he ad Edy would be cute chums! :)
Auntie B