Monday, June 20, 2011

JuneBug Post

This month our JuneBug is 3 years old! He was born two weeks "late" at a whopping 9lbs 22in long. With all the energy he exudes JuneBug has thinned out quite a bit since then. Now he registers 30lbs at 3ft. The following are some of his interests and accomplishments.

 THOMAS: JuneBug is a Thomas the Tank Engine fan. He enjoys making his trains "chuff down the track" just as much as watching the show. In his play "Sir Pop-pom Hatt" frequently visits his engines and you can see Thomas going under a lot of tunnels (i.e. couch cushions). 
PLAY: In addition to playing with Thomas JuneBug also has fun in doing anything boyish. He can play in the dirt, "shoot" at bad guys, and work on tractors. His imagination is vivid and he can't wait for Peanut to grow up and be able to help him "shoot".
WORK: Admittedly, JuneBug doesn't do as much work as he could and in fact would love to help more. Right now I'm creating more of a schedule and hopefully that will include some training time for this "Mommy's Helper".
FOOD: Anything with sugar could be considered JuneBug's favorite food. We, however, try to limit the intake of such items. Good foods that he enjoys are muffins, hamburger, and all types of fruit. Lettuce for some reason gags him and so he doesn't like it very much. It melts my heart on the nights at dinner when we hear him say "it's delicious!"
KOREAN: JuneBug's Papa has taught him some Korean words. Hopefully with our new schedule we can have a little more structure to aid his (and Mommy's) learning more.

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Morton Family said...

Way too cute, Meg! I love the pics you got of precious JuneBug! Did I ever mention how cute my nephews are? :D