Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Apples! Apples! Apples!

Away up high in the mountains

among the trees and lanes

there were some little girls

and a few little boys

along with their Mommy's and Big Sisters

roaming in an apple orchard.

They walked and looked and walked a little more.

Until, finally

they found the treasure

and filled their baskets full.

They picked and picked

and picked some more.

First Black Arkansas

and then the Granny Smith.

Don't forget the Pink Lady

or the sweet tasty Fuji!

After resting for a bit

and partaking of the fruit

we snap a picture

or two

of me

and you

and you!

Posing with their nephew

on haybales

or in the apple house

they definitely think he is the cutest thing around.

Playing on the swing sets

and peeking through doors

and windows

helped to pass the time until

the hay ride!

Scarcrows abound

in this orchard of delight.

Among the rows of

daisies shining

in the bright sunlight

sit boxes of apples waiting to be sold.

Bright orange

and yellow pumpkins

make the farmers look on

their harvest with pleasure.

Munching cookies and taking a nap

was a great prize for all the hardworkers!


Stefanie said...

Great post:-)I hope to get mine up soon too...

Conley Clan said...

Oh...too cute, Meg! :) I love the little poem telling the story! Some of the most memorable and beautiful pictures taken, are of when people are apple picking! (in my opinion!) All teh pictures are great, but I LOVE the one of Daniel peeking through the pumpkin! Such a handsome little stinker!

Stephen and Kathryn said...

What a beautiful orchard!!!! The scenery is stunning!!!

I am sure it must have been a fun day with all of those lovely, sweet, kindred spirits!!!!!