Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A cutie amongst the flowers

Due to finding a couple of batteries, my sister-in-laws' gardens, a sunny day, some help, and the cutest baby in the whole world we were able to capture these spring pictures.

(I love this face)

Yes he is actually trying to eat it

Outfit change- no shirt!

It was hot and he was cooperative.

I think this is a Vernon face. Don't you?


Morton Family said...

Yes, He is the cutest baby in the whole world! Though we thought the boy needed to have a hoe or a shovel in his hand beside the flowers!!!!!!!! :0)

The one where you "love this face" was he sad or was too cute!!!!!

Junebug has so many different faces that I can see a vernon, then I see your uncles expression, and then I see your looks!! That is what makes him sooo cute!!!
XOXO Love, Mumzie

Morton Family said...

The title of the post says it all!
Love ya bunches,

Morton Family said...

We are waiting for a video!!!!!!!Love, Mumzie