Monday, May 17, 2010

Trip to MN: The Fourth Leg

Somewhere between our Indiana stop and home the Director of Events decided we should make an overnight stop at Gr. Grandma Vernon's. So although home was now one more night away we had fun with four generations in one house.
Running around the hedge after arriving because four generations in one house doesn't mean we want four times the energy.

A project I had for Nan on the trip that didn't get accomplished until the last evening.

The next morning
Neeta was told to bend over for....
birthday spankings with a hairbrush. (Guessing by the smile it wasn't as scary as it looked in the first picture)

Putting the hairbrush to good use. Especially since next up is picture time!

Late nights, early mornings you know it does stuff to ya.

A couple cups of coffee later and the transformation into a distinguished gentleman is amazing.

A little brotherly love going on

As the sun rises higher more family get together.

You don't see these everyday. I'd better get a picture.

Despite being almost 2 JuneBug's Aunts and Uncle would still rather carry him than let him walk.

Grandma was worried about her hair blowing in the wind so they kindly fixed it.

Daddy V., Uncle M, Grandma Vernon, and Uncle M.

Heading home. Thus ends our Trip to Minnesota.

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