Monday, May 10, 2010

Trip to MN: The First Leg

We began our 25,000+ mile road trip in the late evening of the 29th. Our first stop was in OH and we spent almost 3 days visiting, playing, eating, and more visiting. After reviewing the pictures of this leg of the journey I realized I only captured 1/2 of one evening! However, all is not lost I have a sister who will probably post some on her blog and another one whose camera card I can steal for a little while...isn't it nice to have sisters?

JuneBug was happy to see his Aunt SAM again.

Our parents visiting. It is such a blessing to have the parents on both sides of the family be friends!

Ike and Gr. Uncle John

See what no sleep will get you?

Everybody was loading up on the trailer to go fishing

Getting hooks and poles around

Papa V. looks like he is ready!

A beautiful Mid-west background for a nice picture. (The weather we had in OH was the best we had the whole trip.)

Ike preparing to cast his line.

Some folks just like to watch

Fishing requires a lot of waiting

Meanwhile, back at the house there is more visiting taking place...

oh yes, and eating.
Later perhaps I'll have a part two to this first leg of the trip but for now stay tuned for the second leg of our trip to MN.

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Morton Family said...

We had such a fun time with you, though it was too short. The wig pics are...priceless. As are the glasses pics! :)