Friday, December 04, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving weekend started in the late hours of Wednesday night. I kept JuneBug up until we left at 11:00pm so that he would sleep the whole trip through the night.

He promptly fell asleep before we left the drive.
Here is the happy boy now awake. Our plan for him sleeping through the night almost worked. Junebug woke up at 4am when he heard us rummaging for a snack. :)
Our chauffeur, who only got us lost once because the navigator was sleeping. N.B. Normally he could drive this route with his eyes closed but due to a major detour we had to go a different route.
Once we arrived we piled into the family van to head to our first Thanksgiving feast.
JuneBug and Aunt Kate all snuggled in for the ride. Notice the hat- it was cold!
Other occupants during the ride
My first cousin D. showing us his toys so that we could play.

D. was very helpful with JuneBug. D. pushed him around on his tractor, played with him in the playhouse, and made sure he didn't go up the stairs!
This is one of my favorites that was captured on my camera.
Our hostess, Aunt A. had "know-your-turkey" game that we played. We are happy to report that the Vernon's still hold the title! Last year Ike won the Thanksgiving test and this year I won the turkey test.
They are all looking a little disgruntled at losing don't you think? :D
Lots of visiting!

The next morning we woke up to a light dusting of snow. After some online Black Friday shopping we were off to our second feast, a Thanksgiving brunch.
JuneBug with his first cousins twice removed.
Hearing about college plans
As with all feasting comes dish washing!
Our third feast was that evening. We had turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes with gravy, and noodles. Not to mention 6 pumpkin pies with Reddi-Whip. It makes me hungry again!

Grandma R. making gravy
Junebug and "Aunt Chloe"

After supper we played Mexican Train Dominoes. A Morton Family favorite!

Junebug and Maddy (his first cousin once removed)
On Saturday we went to Cabin Fever to show off JuneBug for something warm and family time.

On the Lord's Day after church we had some more family time and Grandma R. came for another visit.
This is another of my favorites.
Grandma got JuneBug a "laptop" for babies. It kept him busy on the way home.
There must have been something interesting on the other side of the room.
Oh! That is very interesting...JuneBug is getting his PJ's on.

Monday morning it was time to pack up.
Grandmumzie gives JuneBug some puffs to keep him happy.
Auntie B and the girls came over to say goodbye and JuneBug showed them his artwork.
Junebug was generous with his toys

Look at those cheeks!

Is it time to go yet Grandpa?
Kate: the next generation bag lady. :D
One last picture with JuneBug before leaving....
*If there seems to be big time gaps between pictures...there is. Our poor little camera gets left on the shelf many a time the "big ones" are out. So for the fillers you have to head over to the middle sistwerps blog or the littlest sistwerps blog. That is, whenever they, ah hem, get their pictures posted.

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