Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Below you will find JuneBug and Me in our second attempt at cooking together. Both he and I were better this time around. Probably because we knew what to expect from each other.

Apron is on and we are ready to start cooking.

For the first cup of chocolate chips I thought I would go ahead and let him pour them into the bowl after I measured. Well a few went in the bowl and the rest went on the floor and counter. He is picking them up in this picture.
Here I am helping him pour in the second cup. You could tell he is my son because he knew by instinct to eat as many chocolate chips as you could without Mom seeing.
I think he likes helping Mommy bake. :)

JuneBug especially enjoys the rewards of baking as this video shows.
Lick it clean!
The chocolate makes him look all the more tasty.
He had a bath immediately following this photo.

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Stefanie said...

Hey, I like your blog's new look! Just wanted to let you know I was able to get the camera you suggested:-) we actually didn't leave the house till 6:30, but there were still about a dozen left at the store when we arrived!
Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving/visit with family.