Friday, November 13, 2009

Goodies from the Kitchen

I've always thought it was important (and fun!) to have children helping in the kitchen. Thus when JuneBug was stuck to my skirt and I had these muffins to make I decided to let him help. Well, maybe 16 and 1/2 months is a little to soon to start...

I no sooner had put him up to the counter and handed him a measuring cup then he had it in his mouth. Into the dish water it went!

Not long after that Junebug was "helping" stir the flour. He wanted to put his fingers in it...and taste it... and well lets just say more measuring spoons went in the dish water.

Still somewhat sane I decided it wouldn't hurt to let him add the cinnamon. Thankfully that went mostly alright and ended up being cute.

After putting together the wet ingredients and then removing all spoons and forks from JuneBug's reach (and cleaning up egg yolk and zucchini from I-won't-mention-where) I put it all together. JuneBug just watched.

The muffins are ready for the oven and I'm ready to pull my hair out trying to get JuneBug to look at the camera. This was the best that I got:

When they came out I was still trying to get him to smile at the camera.

I probably shoudn't have given him the muffin, it didn't help.
Finally Papa came home and got his attention.
So if we offer you a Blueberry-Zucchini Muffin in the next couple of days...just don't ask questions.
*Also pictured above is a batch of Chocolate-Cranberry Sweet Buns, which turned out, not as I expected. I thought that they would be sweet sweet but they weren't. Unlike the B-Z muffins, these need a tad of sugar in them! Other than that I think I'll make them again.

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Morton Family said...

I Love the new look of your blog!! Especially the green!! :0)Of course, Junebug is the cutest...Shaking the cinnamon is just soooooo precious!! Reminds me of the pix of you and Katie making pancakes with your Daddy! Makes your Mumzie proud that you include Junebug in your work!! Hugs and Kisses to you all, Mumzie