Tuesday, December 15, 2009


As some of my blog readers know (a special few know first hand) there was a conference dedicated to the Sufficiency of Scripture this past weekend. Well, in my blog travels I went to visit the friendly funny folks over at Life in a Shoe and would you know they are sponsoring a contest. The prize? A complete set of the messages from the conference. Even if I hadn't heard from my Dad what a great conference it was, with men like Joe Morecraft, Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham, Ken Ham and Doug Phillips speaking, it had to be good. Getting them "for frrrreeeeee!" would also be good thus I'm using this post to enter their giveaway. So if you would like to get your own copy of these great messages you can head over to the Sufficiency of Scripture website and buy your own or you too can enter the contest at Life in a Shoe.
Oh, three more things:
1. The contest ends tomorrow!
2. Life in a Shoe also offers discounted (50% off) slightly damaged Vision Forum stuff on their FOR SALE page (even when VF isn't having their current sale).
3. S.A.M. might be posting pictures of the conference, if she took any, in a few days. (hint hint to S.A.M.) But if she doesn't and you start complaining, you didn't hear it from me!


Morton Family said...

The Conference was wonderful! Your Dad and I longed to have all of our family there to hear the Word preached and taught! 2,600 people heard messages about how God wants to be worshiped..not how I "feel" worship should be! There is much more to share! I am praying you will win the prize from Life in a Shoe!! Much Love, Mumzie
P.S. How is SAM ever going to get anything done with all the pressure of blog post!!! :0)

Morton Family said...

Go take a look at our blog.... happy Now? :D
Love ya,