Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall DIY Project

We started working on our laundry room this past weekend.
All of our junk! It was/is sitting in the sun room while we work on the laundry room.
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Cleaning out more junk. There were two long shelves that were full, plus storage tubs.

Cutie Baby!

JuneBug wanting to be a helper boy

Where the old shelves were and the new ones are going.

One frame 

These shelves are going to be so sturdy


Putting in the shelves

Installing another shelf

Looks like we are already running out of room! :D Actually we needed room to move so we had to put a few things in the room till we can go through the tubs. We will be looking for things to get rid of. Whether it needs to be thrown out/recycled/goodwill-ed/given away/moved to the out buildings. 
This weekend the things I would like to get done are: 
1. Organizing
2. Moving in the freezer
3. Painting shelves or putting down some of this stuff

What we accomplished so far:
1. Laundry room cleaned out
2. Shelf built
3. Scrap metal taken to recycling place


Stephen and Kathryn said...

Very impressive for tackling in just one weekend! Looks so nice! How awesome to build your own shelves! You guys should write an online tutorial!

Brittany Alexander said...

Meg, that's great! Hope you get everything done that you're hoping to! :)