Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our 5 Year Anniversary

Some pictures from our anniversary trip...
Our cute little chaperon 
Ike had to work before we did our anniversary outing.
 Finding the key to unlock the gate (he ended up not finding it and slipping through the gate!)
The tank where he had to work

In case of emergencies....:D

Read in this book while Ike worked

You can just barely see Ike to the right of the tractor. That box is where part of the equipment is that he works on/installs.
The rest of the trip is only preserved in our memories because that is where the pictures ended! :D


Stephen and Kathryn said...

How neat! Sounds peaceful!

Love the little Toad "thinking' picture! :) What a cutie!

Alexanders said...

Happy belated anniversary! In some ways it seems like just yesterday we attended your wedding. Hard to believe 5 years have already gone by. They go so quick! Hope you had a wonderful time together! What sweet pictures. I especially like the one with your feet kicked on the dash reading the book! Love you all!

Brittany Alexander said...

So sweet! :) Hope you had a very nice evening together! And happy belated anniversary! :)