Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We are...

 Peanut didn't exactly want to cooperate. :)
Baby Bump #3 is coming in the summer of 2012
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Alexander Farms said...

Meg~ We are so excited for you and your family! What precious news! You and baby are in our thoughts and prayers! I hope you are feeling okay and doing well!
Rejoicing with you,
Love to you and yours,
Bree on behalf of the Alexander Clan

The Morton's said...

Yipee! I cannot wait for my new little niece or nephew to arrive! ♥ The pictures are priceless!

~Auntie S.~

Janet said...

We LOVE the sign photos - I can just see and feel the thrill and the tension (and the tears)! It is such a scream!

Better yet, I am soooo glad I looked at the post tonight to read your WONDERFUL news. Blessings on you all - Janet

Conley Clan said...

heehee!! those pictures are DEFINATELY pricelss! Big hugs to you and Ike and those handsome boys!! I was so excited to hear the news Meghan!!! Much Love!
Aunt Bethie (and the rest of the Conley clan :)