Monday, December 26, 2011

Street Preaching

On Friday, during the lunch hour, we had the privilege of going downtown to listen to Pastor preach. He preaches on the streets every Friday but this was the first time we were able to go. Since a lot of people had vacation time there was a large group of us from church. You can't tell from the pictures I captured but there were hundreds of people out, which meant that hundreds of people heard God's Word being preached. The reactions of those that passed by were interesting. While there was no outward violence one person covered their ears while they walked by and a few people hollered. But Pastor takes it all in stride and preaches directly to them. For instance when some young waving children went by in a motorized carriage Pastor called out to the "little children" and pointed them to the example of young Timothy who knew the Scriptures from his youth. It was a good experience for us to have. 
Some of our church family listening to Pastor
Ike and Junebug listening
Peanut with Pastor in the background. The weather was beautiful and warm- a real blessing!

After Pastor finished preaching a least one person from the street came up to ask him a question. Of course he talked to us as well. :)
Containing the Peanut
Two other Mothers from church
Ike with Pastor and two friends from church

Here you can listen to Pastor open-air preaching a couple of years ago


Alexanders said...

What a neat experience! Thank you for sharing. Your mom said that Pastor McCurly had an excellent sermon this past Lord's Day as well. We are looking forward to hearing it soon. Love to all of the Vernons. Karen

The Morton's said...

Would love to be able to go too sometime!