Monday, October 31, 2011

Overnight Guests

 The dining room awaiting guests. Was that a big gasp of shock I just heard? The state of this room rarely looks like this so I had to take a picture. 5 days later and only a couple of things have been stacked on the table awaiting to be put away. Sorry I'm rambling now....
Now we jump to the next morning ( I know there is a deplorable lack of pictures). We headed to my in-laws for breakfast and while the grown-ups got ready to go the children played outside.
 Essie riding in the police car
 Peanut watching the goings on
 Little Rose 

 Ti and JuneBug playing guns
Th th that's all folks!
After our company left Ike finished a project we had wanted to get done before they came. We hung a mirror.  
 It needs some help though because it looks a little plain.
Our get-in-the-way helper boy. :)


The Morton's said...

Yes, I nearly gasped when I saw the sun room! :D It looks like a magazine cover :)

The mirror looks so nice! And for the record, I think JuneBug is one of the cutest and sweetest get-in-the-way helper boys :)

Reeder said...

I agree with your mom! You should keep it that way. :) That way, there always room for the Reeder's for dinner! :)