Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monthly Update

Peanut Points:
Peanut turned one this month!
He started walking a week before his birthday.
Two new teeth cut through and two more are on the way.
The picture below is JuneBug on his first birthday (after the cake) :D  Inserted here for easy comparison of JuneBug and Peanut at similar ages.
Starting to notice how "slack" we are with the second child
Peanut loves all sorts of squash and green beans. He doesn't want "baby" food (like the puff snacks they make for babies now) he wants stuff he can sink his teeth into. Except cake. Loves the frosting but doesn't like the texture of cake.

Big Brother Bits: 
 We are on the 6th week of school and still loving it. Most of the time he reminds me to do it. I'm learning a lot too.
You can tell the world of words is opening up to him because already this morning I have been asked a gazillion times: "What letter does ____ start with?"
 He is a very helpful critter and his new thing is "need a hand with that?" :D
JuneBug is learning that his older relations, although they are his friends must be respected.
Oh, and does he love to sing. 
(words taken from the picture in the book he is holding)
I'll end with a transcription of a recent telephone conversation of him with one of his Aunts
JuneBug: Can I talk to Uncle J (Age 16)?
Aunt: No, not right now he is outside working with Grandpa. He's driving the the tractor.
JuneBug: Is he sitting on Grandpa's lap?
:D :D :D

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Morton Family said...

They are growing up quickly!! Love the snake song! Love, Mum-mum