Thursday, November 03, 2011

What's on the Table?

I thought I might start a little series highlighting new recipes that I have found AND used. Perhaps it is the cooler weather and wanting to turn the oven on but I have always thought that the fall season is a good time to try new recipes. 
The first recipe I want to share is this lifesaver: 30 Minute Breadsticks by Everyday...Food Storage. One evening with a pot of spaghetti on to boil, the sauce to perfection, and hubby about 30 minutes from home I realized I wanted NEEDED bread-sticks to go with my Italian meal. I mean who doesn't have some sort of bread-stick/garlic bread with spaghetti? But alas who can make bread sticks in 30 minutes using whole foods? Well, I must be a believer in the impossible because I got online and searched for a recipe anyway. 30 Minute Bread-sticks is just what I was looking for. My favorite things about this recipe:
1. Uses whole wheat
2. Honey can be used in place of the sugar
3. So easy
After trying the recipe it went on my list favorites. One note I have on the recipe is that the "1 cube" of butter is about 1/4cup. Second I went ahead and added my spices (garlic, parsley, etc) right to the dough before the flour so that it get mixed well enough. Third this does come together pretty quickly so 30 minutes really is 30 minutes start to finish. 
This delicious recipe certainly satisfied my craving for bread-sticks!

I did not copy the recipe here in case there were any copyright problems so you will need to visit the site.


Alexanders said...

Meg~ We can't wait to try these!! We are having company tomorrow night for pizza and a movie so your timing was perfect! We will try them out and let you know how it goes. Thanks so much for sharing. You are such a blessing. I can not help but to smile as I think of you and the wonderful homemaker that you are becoming!
Lots of Love,
Mrs. A for the family

Alexanders said...

Meg~ Those are quick to make. Everyone enjoyed them too! I think it would make a very good pizza crust too. We will have to try that next. :-)
~ Mrs.A