Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving~ Friday & Saturday

Grandma Roxy also brought the boys down a couple of items. Here Ike and Junebug play with Thomas the Tank Engine.
Reading It's Great to be an Engine. It plays music!
JuneBug playing with Thomas on the track
Uncle Stephen and Peanut
Aunt SAM cutting up apples for Fondue
Daddy and Kate stir the fondue
Grandma Roxy and Peanut
JuneBug and Peanut int heir matching PJ's
Can you say too cute?
JuneBug, Aunt Kate, Peanut, and Popum

Around the breakfast table
Getting Peanut to smile
Here I'm sure Junebug was smiling. Actually probably more like screaming.
Conked out on Grandma's lap
The Morton's with the boys
Our first family picture since Peanut was born. Can you believe we hadn't taken one yet?
Us with Grandma Roxy

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