Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving~ Thursday

A note on the pictures. Currently, we don't have a way to turn the pictures so that you don't have to crank your neck around to see them. We hope to have this fixed soon, but computers can be very mischievous. Also, we don't have a lot due to the fact that our memory card was full for half of the weekend with no way of emptying it. And as is always the case you can check Kate's blog or SAM's blog for more other pictures (everyone had camera issues this weekend). That is when they post.
Everyone came rolling in for Thanksgiving late on Wednesday night. Thursday morning Junebug opened up some surprises and Peanut made his grand entrance for three of the visistors. 
Aunt Kate and Uncle Stephen bought JuneBug some tractors.

Peanut and his Great Grandma Roxy
Peanut and his Aunt Kate
Grandma Roxy with her two great grandsons
Making mashed potatoes- a favorite of ours
Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows- another favorite
Someone can't wait!
The weekend had just begun and we were already getting tired
The finished potatoes getting ready to be set on the table

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