Monday, August 23, 2010

Trip Virginia: Part 1

The weekend before the Free Church Conference my whole family met up at Stephen and Katie's. We crashed in on them late Friday night and left early Monday afternoon.

Katie got up on Saturday morning and made us all waffles.

A birthday gift for Junebug from Uncle Stephen and Aunt Katie

It kept him entertained throughout the weekend, especially on Sunday when everyone else was taking a nap.

Junebug never lacked for someone to read to him.

Playing on the monkey bars in the backyard.

On Saturday evening we all went over to a park near S and K's that had a walking trail. Along the route were stations to do calisthenics.

Junebug trying the balance beam.

It was a well maintained path and not too strenuous for a 7 month pregnant lady.

How many people does it take to help Junebug do a reverse crunch? Well, apparently more than 4 because right after the picture was taken he started to cry and ended up never doing one. :D

The adults trying out part of the course.

We didn't use every station exactly as we were supposed to but had lots of fun making up our own stuff.

Way to go Dad!

Junebug doing chin-ups.

Finding a chin-up bar a little closer to his size.

After these pictures I didn't take any more until the conference, which will be posted soon. You can check (eventually) Katie's blog and SAM's blog for more coverage of the weekend.

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Stephen and Kathryn said...

Hey Sistuh!
Thanks for posting pictures!!! I hope to get a post up of your visit soon! Although you and Sarah have probably covered it better than I will!!!! :)

Just think we may be coming down to visit you all SOON!!!!! Can't wait to meet our new little niece or nephew!!!!

Love ya!