Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Of Sandboxes, Blueberries, and Kittens

One of Junebug's birthday gifts was new sand for Grandpa and Grammy's sandbox. Yes, we are thankful the sand stays at their house instead of ours. Although, some does get carried home in his pockets. 

All the children enjoyed playing with Junebug in the sand.

It all had to be sculptured just right to make...

A Kubota tractor. 
This year we picked at least 7 gallons of blueberries to freeze and eat. We used frozen blueberries as a treat during potty training for Junebug and he liked them just as much as the chocolate chips.

It was cute to watch Junebug play with the kitten. He was surprisingly gentle with it.


For Junebug's birthday his Uncle and Aunt sent him a block set that can be used to make a barn. We set it up so he could put his John Deere tractors inside.

Our family self-portrait picture

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Morton Family said...

Can you love your family too much? Seeing all these pictures makes us long to see you!! Love, Mumzie