Thursday, July 19, 2012

(Nearing the) End of Pregnancy Pictures

Well, it didn't take me as long as I thought it would to post these....I think I was too excited not to get them up! Now I have to get to work on some other projects!

Where are we supposed to look?

No, Peanut over here!

Um, JuneBug look here at the camera!

Maybe this isn't going to work after all....

This really isn't looking good...


There! Everyone is looking and (mostly) smiling.

The rest of the post won't be as silly. Please click the "read more" button below for my favorite pictures of the day!


Reeder said...

The last one is great!!!

The Morton's said...

WE LOVE THE PICTURES!!! Yes, we are sure you could picture our faces and the sounds of aww...laughing...and just precious!! Our hearts are melting!! love and hugs, Mum-mum, pop-pum, and aunt SAM

The Alexander Family said...

Ahhhhh, So sweet! All of the picture were! You look so beautiful Meg! :-)
Lots and Lots of Love,
The Alexander Family