Thursday, May 24, 2012


The boy's cousin Malcolm (and my sister Katie) came for a visit today. Malcolm is such a happy little fella! This is the first time they have been together since Malcolm's birth so we thought we should get some pictures of them together. It was a great idea...until we had grumpy boys. :D

Yeah! We are outside!

No one was particularly cheese-y today.

Keeping them happy (for a moment)- a box of raisins and some keys.

We were all getting a little tired and hot but Malcolm expresses it best. LOL.

Back inside where it was cooler they played happily.

And Aunt Katie read to them.


Stephen and Kathryn said...

Oh! We had sooooo much fun!!!! Thank you for the fun time and delicious lunch and dessert!!!!

I think Malcolm was thoroughly worn out! :) :) He is fast asleep and we have not heard a peep from him for a looong time! :) :) :) :)

Love ya BUNCHES!

The Morton's said...

Great-Grandma Roxy said the pictures are so cute and that she would like a picture of all the boys together to take to her 50th class reunion!!

Grandmum-mum misses you all and I am so glad you were able to be together!!Thank you for posting the pictures! I wish I could have had some of that yummy red velvet ice cream!! xoxo mum-mum

Anonymous said...

The boys look so cute wearing matching clothes. Did you do it on purpose?

The Vernon Family said...

@Joanna Yes, we matched them on purpose. I don't think we could have NOT had them match. LOL :D
Mom & Grandma: Katie probably has some better ones of the boys so we will just have to watch her blog and pick out a couple to print.

Brittany A. said...

So sweet! I'm sure you two were sooo glad to see each other! All the pictures are really sweet! Thanks for sharing them.

Reeder said...