Monday, April 18, 2011

Some Pictures of Our Ohio Trip

 Mum-Mum and JuneBug plotted the route we took to Ohio

 GOLDFISH!!!! A Pop-pum treat.
 Peanut in the Puppy Hat you can see a picture of JuneBug wearing it here.
 Playing swords in the "barn". 
 My Birthday happened to land while we were there and so we had a celebration.
 JuneBug also received a gift from Great Grandpa and Great Grandma
 A spongy letter puzzle

 Pop-pum reading "Grandpa's don't like snakes"
 A big family get together
 We were excited to have been able to see our cousin and Aunt who have been living in Japan

 Aunt J. couldn't ever get a picture of her face because her hair kept falling in the way! :)
 Doughnut face
 Playing with Great Grandma Roxy and Aunt Patty
Uncle John with Peanut

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