Friday, March 04, 2011

Garden Update

The garden expansion project is almost complete now.
 When we last saw the garden on the blog it looked like this
 Then last week T-man and Marf came over. They wanted to help me on my project. They asked me if they could help.
 They all enjoyed using the tools Great-Uncle John sent down.

If JuneBug saw one of them using a tool he thought might be fun he would want to trade. The tool always looked "greener" in someone else's hand.
 We finished it!
  My helpers #1
 My helpers #2
On the weekend Ike helped me move the railroad ties around.
 We had an extra one stored underneath that carport. We don't know why or can't remember what made us buy 5 ties originally. But we did and I'm glad we had it.
 Every time Ike moved it JuneBug would jump on and walk across it. He was helping.

 Move the railroad tie step #1
 Move the railroad tie step #2
 Move the railroad tie step #3. Ike only moved it this way a couple of times because eventually he found and easier more efficient way of going.
This is where it is at today. I need to put in the bricks to finish off the end but that shouldn't take any time at all. Then we can start planting!!!!

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Reeder said...

Nice hat Ike. Glad to know my husband isn't the only one with unique hats.