Monday, January 04, 2010

New Years at the Beach

It was a beautiful dawn the day we left.

The beautiful colors only lasted a few minutes.
When we finally arrived in Edisto it was too late for us to get out on the beach. So we...
Unpacked and made the beds...
Ate supper, did devotions, sang "Happy Birthday", and Daddy V. quoted the birthday poem to Mama.
Happy to be back at the beach
I already found me some shark teeth!
The children fed the birds bread
while the adults tried not to get "bombed"
We found a couple of starfish
Look at the cute little footprints
There were lots of conch shells, some with conchs still attached. Yicky!
The boys collected boat loads of shells and shark teeth
After being tuckered out from our morning walk we played games and ate chocolate.

W and G made this sandcastle
The last sun set of 2009
"Wait for me!" 
The tide coming in

Waves eating away at the castle...
until it be no more.
We tried getting some good portraits...but this one didn't feel much like cooperating
I like this one!
See he didn't want to look at the camera
I guess he gets it from his father
Yep! Definitely related

Aww. Isn't that precious?


The "Blue Moon" closing on 2009
JuneBug looking out at the new year. Although, he was quite oblivious that it was now 2010.
He is still cute.

It's a shark! Not really, only a dolphin.

This guy came really close to shore and we could see almost his whole body at times.
"Okay let's get this group organized for a photo."
"Not much hope I'm afraid"
"Nope not much at all" 
Turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself.
Making a boat
Blue-eyed Beauty
Removing a conch from the prettiest shell you ever saw. It was bright orange.
We awoke to this beautiful sunrise


How can we go on vacation for 4 days and still look so tired?

One last walk on the beach before heading home

This interesting scene caused some major rubbernecking on our side of the freeway which caused some major traffic jams
Wonder how he did it?

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